ASP Awareness Day – Monday 20th February 2023

National Adult Support and Protection Coordinator

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Every year, for the last six years or so, the Adult Support and Protection (ASP) Community has used the date of 20th February to draw attention to the types of harm that Adults at Risk of Harm can be affected by and the support and protection afforded by the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007.

In addition to local activity, the National ASP Communications Group works to provide some national resources which can be shared across Scotland to draw attention to aspects of Adult Support and Protection.

This year the focus is on neglect and self-neglect. From November 2019, the Care Inspectorate has received and reviewed initial and significant case reviews undertaken and submitted by Adult Protection Committees across Scotland. The Care Inspectorate’s Triennial Report of these reviews highlighted that neglect and self-neglect were the most prominent categories of harm identified.

If you have seen something that concerns you regarding an adult who you think might be at risk of harm – say something! Not all adults are able to speak up and ask for help for themselves and everyone deserves to live a life free from harm.

The short video below hightlights some of the issues related to neglect and self-neglect and provides details of what to do if you are worried about an adult either because they are at risk of neglect/self-neglect or any type of harm.

Brought to you by the National Adult Support and Protection Communications Group