Aspire – direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something (Oxford Dictionaries)

ASPIRE Successfully Launches from NASA Wallops

Last Thursday saw the first ASPire (Adult Support and Protection innovation and reflection event) session via Teams. The programme included two brilliant inputs from colleagues involved with ASP as part of their daily remits. Ann Hayne provided a really interesting input in relation to the Interface between MARAC processes and Domestic Abuse legislation and ASP processes and legislation. This highlighted some of the ways in which these two pieces of legislation and related processes can compliment each other and lead to better and more robust support and protection for survivors of domestic abuse. The second key input came from Frances Toland and invited participants to explore with her the opportunities to think about how we might ensure we intrinsically embed Trauma Informed Practice within ASP processes, policy and practice.

We were joined by a huge audience of 196 individuals from across the ASP Community. These large numbers on the Team call did stretch the I.T. to its limits and there were one or two glitches, which we hopefully overcame without too much disruption to the programme. It was wonderful to see the level of interest in this National Programme which the National Adult Support and Protection Learning and Development Network hope to bring to the ASP Community across Scotland on relevant topics 3 or 4 times a year, going forward.

The Working Subgroup of the National ASP Learning and Development Network met on yesterday to consider the feedback from those who attended the event and completed evaluations. This was extremely helpful and has given us a steer that perhaps we might want to make at least 1 of our 3/4 annual ASPire events for a very wide audience – perhaps those who know little about ASP, providing a national overview of the legislation and its applications, while signposting folk to the Act Agains Harm Website to encourage them to seek out appropriate ASP training in their local area. In addition there were several suggestions for topics/themes for forthcoming ASPire sessions for the more informed ASP Community and a couple of requests for shorter sessions – all things we will consider when putting together the ASPire Programme for 2024 – 2025.

If you would like to hear about what ASPire sessions are planned, you can keep up to date via my NASPC Newsletter (comes out roughly every two months or so) – the short sign up can be accessed from the following link:

Hope to see you all at an ASPire session soon!